Shear Breeze

Cuts, Color and Curls. a Full Service Salon

Welcome to Shear Breeze...

For over twenty years, I have been providing hairstyles to the Men and Women of Pacifica CA. Hair salon services range from haircuts, hair color, hair Perm, hair Treatments, manicure and face waxing. Pluse I only carry the finest all natural hair care products. Zerran, Soma. And for gift ideas, I have Aloha Bay EcoPalm Wax candles, MonAvie heath juices products and gift certificates for any products and services.

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Salon Services
Men & Women Haircuts, Color, Perm, Manicure. 



Hair Care Products
All natural hair care prouducts. Zerran, Soma. 


Gift Ideas
Aloha Bay Candles, MoanVie Health Juices.